Using the IDE

Codesphere powerful IDE let's you make quick ad-hoc changes to code, or even develop entire applications within the platform.

The Filetree

Codesphere gives you full access to your app's filetree. You can create, delete, reorder, or duplicate files and folders just by right clicking


Key Bindings

The IDE has the following Key Bindings by default:



Ctrl + B

New Directory

Ctrl + M

New File

Ctrl + Shift + K

Open Key Bindings

Ctrl + Shift + S

Open Settings

Ctrl + Shift + H


Alt + W

Close Editor Tab

Ctrl + LeftArrow

Select Previous Tab

Ctrl + RightArrow

Select Next Tab

Shift + Shift

Search Everywhere

Alt + T

Open/Close Terminal

Ctrl + I

Comment/Uncomment Code

Ctrl + J

Delete Selected Line of Code


You can customize the Codesphere IDE to fit your preferences by navigating to the settings tab


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